Statement on David Suzuki being honoured by University of Alberta

Speaking as a University of Alberta Environmental Sciences graduate, David Suzuki should not be honoured in Alberta with an honorary degree from U of A.  His anti-oil/anti-Alberta economy sentiment has caused much hardship for Alberta and should not be celebrated.

Climate change challenge will never be solved by the short-sighted anti-oil activism that Suzuki espouses. More greenhouse gases (ghg’s) come from the digestive systems of cattle every year than the GLOBAL ghg emissions of every car, truck, boat, plane and train COMBINED.
There is a dark side to Suzuki’s solution to abandon fossil fuels for solar power: solar panels contain mercury and other heavy metals…toxic chemicals that bio-accumulate, have serious negative impacts for human and animal health.  When I asked Dr. Suzuki about his thoughts on mercury contamination from solar panels, his response was: “there is mercury in solar panels?”
Only thoughtful comprehensive plans with scientific foundations can address our climate change challenges.  Simply being anti-oil without understanding or planning for the realistic alternatives causes a lot of pain while possibly exchanging one issue (carbon dioxide) for a far greater problem (mercury contamination).
Join thousands of others and sign the petition now to object to U of A conferring an honorary degree upon David Suzuki. Sign the petition here: