Thank you for your input and taking part in the Calgary Centre Issues Survey. Tamara Loiselle was the ONLY candidate in this nomination to conduct a comprehensive survey.

The top 8 results of this survey are as follows. Results were captured by email, doors, phones, internet, social media and regular mail are shown in the graph below:

The following are some proposed solutions to your concerns and more ideas that Tamara Loiselle will push for as your Member of Parliament.

PIPELINES - The policy of the Conservative Party of Canada is to get pipelines built to provide for the energy needs of Canadians and to get Alberta’s oil and gas products to tidewater for international markets.  The biggest obstacles to getting our pipelines built have been environmental issues and Indigenous issues.  Tamara Loiselle has a degree in environmental science and 20 years of private sector experience doing community engagement on energy and environment issues including Indigenous engagement along pipeline corridors. Tamara has a proven track record of results and successfully working with First Nations on natural resource development and pipeline projects.  Tamara Loiselle is the only Calgary Centre candidate that can help get pipelines to the finish line.

CARBON TAX -  The Conservative Party of Canada is committed to eliminating the carbon tax. Tamara is strongly opposed to a federally imposed carbon tax and she agrees with Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada where he says "in place of a carbon tax we will instead offer tax incentives to industry to improve efficiencies."  Tamara supports the efforts of premiers of New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and how they are standing with taxpayers and middle-class families against this job-killing tax. 

BILL C-48 - Tamara Loiselle advocates for immediately rescinding this most direct assault on Alberta’s energy sector. This bill is an Alberta oil tanker ban off the British Columbia coast that prevents Alberta oil from reaching Asian markets and getting full value for our oil products.  Instead, Albertans are being forced to sell their oil at a steep discount to the USA.

BILL C-69 - Tamara Loiselle, consistent with the Conservative Party of Canada, will also fight to repeal Bill C-69, also known as the Anti-Pipeline Bill. The legislation would eliminate the National Energy Board, replace it with a Canadian Energy Regulator. It will lead to confusion and delays over project timelines as it allows government to repeatedly extend consultation periods with few, if any, real limits. The legislation creates red tape and puts an unreasonable burden on businesses to jump through hoops before a project gets approval, which will only increase uncertainty in our approval process and accelerate the exodus of investment dollars out of Alberta’s oil and gas sector. 

DEBT / DEFICIT - Tamara Loiselle will push for the deficit to be balanced within two years of forming government with principal payments on the debt to commence in the third year. We are in a debt crisis and need to stop the mortgaging of our children’s future.

EQUALIZATION  - Tamara Loiselle opposes Canada's equalization program and will represent the views of Calgary Centre on this issue. Since equalization was created (in 1957), Alberta has received 0.02% of all payments, the last of which was in 1964-1965. In contrast, Quebec has received equalization money every year of the program, totaling 221 billion dollars or 51 per cent of all payments. Quebec is also running a surplus this year while receiving over $11 Billion in the equalization program. Tamara Loiselle supports a referendum on equalization as it is deeply hurting Alberta.

IMMIGRATION  / REFUGEES - Tamara Loiselle supports immigration through proper channels and believes Canada needs to have a robust but fair vetting process. Tamara opposes the United Nations Migration Pact.

ELIMINATE INTER-PROVINCIAL TRADE BARRIERS - Tamara Loiselle will work hard with her provincial counterparts in order to finally have a free trade agreement in Canada. Tamara believes it is outrageous that we still have tariffs between provinces and that we have free trade agreements with other nations and not within our own country.  Tamara believes that we can build upon the Trade, Investment & Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) / the New West Partnership Trade Agreement NWPTA which created Canada’s largest inter-provincial free trade zone in the West. It is time to remove the inter-provincial trade barriers that cost the  Canadian economy $130 billion dollars per year!

TAXATION - Tamara Loiselle will push for a review of our personal and corporate tax structure in an effort to reduce the tax burden on CanadiansTamara also advocates for reintroducing the child fitness credit; and reintroducing income splitting.

FLOOD MITIGATION - It has been 6 years since the big flood in Calgary that brought this city and many parts of Calgary Centre to its knees.  Tamara has researched various flood mitigation options and has concluded that the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project as promoted by the Calgary River Communities Action Group (CRCAG) is the best option. Tamara will push for this option. Tamara will also work with city councillors, MLA's, community associations and various stakeholders that are within the Calgary Centre boundaries to ensure that all are heard, and that a plan is in place so that this issue is finally addressed.