Why Tamara?

Dear Calgary Centre Residents & Business Owners, 

The Conservative Party of Canada in Calgary Centre is having the nomination contest on Saturday, March 2, 2019.  This seat is currently held by the Liberals and that needs to change! 

The best choice for change is Tamara LoiselleTamara will fight for Alberta’s interests. 

WHO IS TAMARA LOISELLE? Tamara Loiselle is 46, is a proud mother and Albertan who lives in Calgary Centre in the community of Garrison WoodsTamara is an entrepreneur, energy and environment consultant and educator. While there are a multitude of reasons to support Tamara Loiselle, we have chosen to focus on three:

  1. ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT EXPERIENCE: We need to elect someone who has the experience and know-how to have an informed discussion in support of our oil & gas sector, especially on the subject of getting Alberta’s energy resources to international markets in a safe and efficient manner. Tamara has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alberta, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and 20 years of experience consulting and advising on energy and environment issues. Tamara’s private sector work involves facilitating national and international round table discussions regarding Canadian energy and environmental issues, as well as the engagement of Indigenous communities in these activities. Tamara’s successful track record speaks strongly of her ability to coordinate, facilitate and achieve consensus which in turn contributes millions to the economy for all Canadians. We need someone like Tamara who has proven she can get buy-in on pipelines from Indigenous Tamara is exactly what we need in government to get results for our oil & gas sector.

  2. EDUCATION:Secondly, the people of Calgary Centre need to be represented by someone who values education and values our future generations. Tamara has always excelled in education and graduated from the University of Alberta With Distinction and on the Dean’s List. She is also presently a faculty member at Mount Royal University where she teaches science in the Aboriginal Education ProgramTamara Loiselle continues to invest in our community and our future generations.  She also wants to educate all Canadians on the benefits of Alberta oil and gas.  

  3. INVOLVES YOU:Tamara would be YOUR voice in Parliament for Calgary Centre. As such, she will consult you on a regular basis to ensure your concerns are being heard. In fact, her consultative approach is evident in how she is engaging you in a comprehensive survey online, in meetings, email, phones and while door knocking.

Here are some issues Tamara would like to see addressed: 

- getting pipelines built including revisiting Canada East and Northern Gateway all while continuing to include Canada’s Indigenous people; 

- reducing income taxes on both businesses and individuals

- balancing the budget

- conducting an organizational review of all federal departments to identify and eliminate wasteful spending and streamline services;

- flood mitigation action to prevent another devastating flood in Calgary and a review and overhaul for equalization payments to ensure fairness for all Canadian provinces.

Again, these are just some ideas that Tamara has, however, you are the employer and Tamara wants to know your views. 

TAKE PART IN OUR SURVEY  The survey component of Tamara's campaign is ending on February 11, 2019 and at that time we will list your top concerns and the solutions that Tamara has for these issues on her website. If you have not been asked by one of our phone volunteers what your top 3 concerns are please email Tamara via email to info@tamaraloiselle.ca Your views matter! 

Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to share our support for Tamara with you.  A vote for Tamara Loiselle is a vote for building pipelines & protecting the environment with a lower taxes and an inclusive approach. 

Honourable Jay Hill
Committee to Elect Tamara Loiselle
Former Government House Leader, Whip, MP
Calgary Centre Resident

P.S. Tamara Loiselle was named Hero Mom Of The Year in 2015 by TIME Magazine after her daring ocean rescue of two strangers from Montreal in Cancun, Mexico.  In October 2015, Tamara was awarded the Mountbatten Commonwealth MedalTamara is only the 8th Canadian in history to receive the prestigious award.  Tamara was also awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her work with Indigenous communities and the environment.